Noah Installation Service

Welcome to Noah Garden Rooms, a family run business that specialises in manufacturing, delivering and installing the highest quality handmade timber garden buildings. From our site in Shropshire, we handmake log cabins, summerhouses, home offices, studios, mancaves, storage sheds, workshops and more.

Noah Garden Rooms provides an installation service for all of our products. We’ll bring the materials to your site at a time convenient to you and install the building.

You must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for this service:

  1. There must be clear access to installation site. Due to insurance regulations, we cannot carry the materials or our equipment through your house. We are also unable to lift the materials over walls, fences and garages. It is also important to consider tight corners, steps and steep slops when considering your access.
  2. We need a clearance height of at least eight feet.
  3. You must have a solid and level base already installed at the site.

If you are unsure, we will ask for photographs prior to delivery to confirm that we can install. If you do not meet these requirements, then we reserve the right to withhold our installation service. We will drop off the materials at your premises without installation and collect any outstanding balance. If you fail to pay any outstanding balance, then Noah Garden Rooms will return the materials back to our site.

Why do I need a base for my shed/workshop/garage?

All garden buildings must be built on a firm, level base made from a strong material such as concrete or timber. Without a base, buildings are difficult to assemble and may even be assembled incorrectly. This can cause deterioration of the building and reduce its lifespan. You might also encounter problems such as water leakage and difficulty opening and closing doors. Furthermore, assembling a garden building without a base is likely to invalidate any warranty.

If you need to build a base to your shed, find out more about Noah’s base installation service. 

Where should I build the base?

When deciding where you build the base for your garden building, there are a few things to consider:

  • Don’t put the base right up against a wall because the garden building might not fit; this is because the roofs of some garden buildings have an overhang that requires extra space around it.
  • Try not to put the base next to trees or large plants. This is because trees and plants grow, and they could come into contact with your building in the future. Their foliage can rub on the roofing felt which can damage the roof and make your building susceptible to water leakage. This is why you should cut branches and check for overhanging foliage regularly.
  • Consider access. In order to apply preservatives and wood treatments to the whole building, you will need to be able to access all sides of the building.
  • Consider how you will use the garden building. iI you’re going to be carrying heavy items to and from it, you won’t want to put it at the bottom of your garden.
  • Consider views and natural light. If you want your building to have a lot of natural light, then point the windows towards the sun’s path.
  • Consider water and electricity access. If you’re going to have a water supply or electricity in your garden building, then consider how you are going to attach the building to the main supply. The distance from your garden building to the main supply might be an important factor.

What materials should I use to build a base?

We recommend concrete, timber or slabs. These materials are strong enough to support the weight of garden buildings.

Some customers opt for eco-friendly plastic bases, but it is important that these are laid level and not on top of an unlevel service.

Can I build the base myself?

Yes, you can. Building a base for a garden building is a relatively straightforward task, as long as you know what you’re doing. But if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, then we recommend contacting a local builder to do it for you.

Note that the base should be the same size or slightly bigger than the size of the garden building.  If your base is bigger than your building, we suggest you put a damp proof membrane down to reduce the risk of soaking through the floor.  This can be purchased with your building from us.